10 years servicing V8 Supercars and the
Australian motor racing industry
25+ years experience in the Ford parts industry

Put it all together and you have Mike Edwards and his team @Raceparts Australia.
For the RACER, we are “Your One Stop Race Shop” selling everything from ATL Fuel Cell products, BMRS ultimate lightweight hose & fittings, Varley Red Top dry cell batteries, Burns Stainless 304/321 exhaust pieces, Bosch Motorsport pumps and electronics, hard core Ford Racing Performance Parts, Performance Friction Brakes, Laminova heat exchangers, Track Fresh CO filters to cable ties and race tape.
For the STREETER, we have the “Race Proven Performance” range to give you the quality performance upgrade you are looking for for your Ford – all of the above as well as Pro-M Racing air meters, Bendix performance brake pads, BMC air filters and induction systems.

Cool Womens Sandals

Cool Womens Sandals

Women love to shop, and the Internet has provided a way for women to make the most of their time. The Internet has provided a way for ladies to find things like womens sandals without ever leaving their homes. This is the official footwear of the summer, and more people are buying these types of shoes.

Some of the coolest womens sandals are found on websites like Zappos. This is a website that has free shipping and a ton of shoe choices. The females that shop here may be interested in shoes like the North Face and Volcom sandals.

There are also some womens sandals by designers like Michael Kors and TOMS. The Soludos are also unique
womens sandals that are not found on a lot of other websites. When people check out the search results for this type of footwear on Zappos they will find that there are more than 7,000 results.

Another place that gives people a large selection of shoes is Amazon. This is where a lot of females are finding some wonderful footwear that can expand their shoe wardrobe. It is easy to get search results on womens sandals like the wedged sandals and the sports sandals by Nike. This website has continued to be a place that holds a lot of variety for people that like to chose from diverse selections of sandals. There are lots of different colors and styles on this website. That has made it the go-to website for people that may already have some sandals in their possession.

Shoe shopping has never been easier thanks to apps and all the different websites that are geared towards shoes, jewelry and clothing. The best time to shoe for things like womens Brand House Direct sandals online is in the fall. This is where people find clearance sales. There are a lot of options to find shoes online.

Black Sandals at this link

Brisbane Bustles with Urban Energy

Brisbane Bustles with Urban Energy
The race is on for the tallest building in Brisbane, one of Australia’s largest cities sitting on the mid-Pacific coast. This city has blossomed with a mining boom that set its economy rolling, and it shows. Brisbane’s population has exploded and you can see it on the city’s skyline as architects fight to build the tallest building.

Brisbane’s explosion has brought with it an abundance of culture, especially in the live music scene. The city’s CBD is brimming with live music venues where you can see some of Australia’s best up-and-coming artists play. But music is not the only form of art that you can appreciate in Brisbane.

The good scene is world class. There are restaurants that feature indigenous Australian delights, with such exotic meats as kangaroo, emu, camel, wild boar and crocodile. Chefs pair these new flavors with Australian veg such as wattle seed, which gives a dish a mildly nutty, coffee flavor. Brisbane is really a place where you can experience the abundance of the outback. Pair that with warm weather and the picturesque Brisbane river, and you have a world class city.

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling
Our kitchens take a beating everyday because they are the most used room in our homes. Kitchen remodeling; however, can turn a drab looking kitchen into something wonderful. There are several kitchen remodeling ideas that can help such as installing new lighting. Good lighting can make your kitchen look and feel brighter and easier to work in. by changing small ceiling-mounted lights for larger or brighter, energy-efficient fixtures, you can make your kitchen’s lighting more attractive.

Another kitchen remodeling idea is spending some money on one or two appliances. For example, you could spend some money on a nice range and a refrigerator. Stainless steel looks great and is easy to maintain. However, before doing this, make sure that the new appliances will fit in the existing cabinet openings and line up with the existing countertop depth before purchasing.

Or, how about creating a beautiful backsplash? For kitchens that have a luxury look, a tile backsplash that extends from the counter to the underside of the wall cabinets can make your kitchen stand out like never before! A custom-designed backsplash made of tile or glass or a monochromatic look, can make a kitchen look luxurious and beautiful. Replacing cabinet hardware is another and affordable way to update your kitchen. To ensure that this remodeling stands out and is functional, be sure to replace the knobs on the hardware. To make installation easier, choose handles or knobs with slightly bigger screws than your existing knobs, if possible.

To conclude, kitchen remodeling at kitchencreation.com.au is a great way to update your kitchen. Try one or more of the above remodeling ideas and make your kitchen sparkle!

Women’s Leather Boots

Women’s Leather Boots

Every woman knows that a great pair of leather boots can pull an outfit together. Classy, funky or Gothic, your taste are displayed on your feet so make sure they say what you are feeling.

Go for sexy and fun with thigh-high leather boots that are slim and sleek. You can go out clubbing with your friends or shopping Rodeo Drive with these attention-getters. Maybe you want to say feminine and soft. Lacy cut-outs and big bows on top allow these beautiful boots to tell the world how utterly female you are.

Maybe you have finally purchased your first motorcycle. A great pair of leather boots with thick tread will protect your feet from hot mufflers and such. Buckles down the sides, fringe or bling, will all add to the ‘Harley Momma’ image. Super functional high-shine leather ankle boots are a great addition to the office trousers. They are both comfortable and stylish.

Leather boots that lace up over the knees, zip down the sides or buckle all express a woman’s style outlook from day-to-day. Today’s womens leather boots at Brand House Direct are available in lipstick red, basic black, cognac, cobalt blue, and green- just to name a few. High spiked heels, chunky low heels, wedges and more are just some of the options you will have. Beaded metallic emblems, mixed materials like leather with mesh vents, fur embellishments and accents- the options are endless. Rouching, ties, tassels, zippers and pull-ons all make finding a comfortable pair of stylish boots easy to find and fun to wear.

Help from a Kitchens Renovations Melbourne Firm

Breathe New Life Into Your Home With Help from a Kitchens Renovations Melbourne Firm

The kitchen is one of the two most trafficked areas of the home; therefore, if you want to spice up your home you might want to start by renovating your kitchen. By hiring a kitchen renovations Melbourne firm you can easily breathe new life into your kitchen and your home. After all, if you spend a great deal of time in the kitchen it only makes sense to update the design and look of your kitchen so that it is friendlier to your needs. If you have never contemplated doing this then it is a great idea to search out a kitchen renovations Melbourne firm that has experience with the matter.

The kitchen renovations Melbourne at GIA Renovations firm can sit down with you to discuss what changes you would like made and then they can help draw out plans that will make the changes a reality. Since the kitchen is heavily trafficked and is also subject to high and low temperatures as well as moisture from spills and whatnot it is highly likely that it will need basic maintenance done as well. You may want to consider retiling the floor or redoing the walls to update the look and allow your kitchen to be a bright and welcoming place to spend time.

With the help of a kitchen renovations Melbourne firm you can take your kitchen and turn it into the place that everyone willingly wants to spend time. You may find that cooking dinner becomes something you look forward too after you get some help from a kitchen renovations Melbourne firm. Start thinking about what you would change in your kitchen and then give a local firm a call to get the ball rolling. It is one decision you will never regret!

Searching For Computer Repairs in Melbourne

Searching For Computer Repairs in Melbourne
Not many things can be more frustrating and stressful than computer problems. If something is wrong with a laptop computer, desktop computer or tablet, then professional computer repairs in Melbourne are absolutely necessary. If resident of the city doesn’t know the first thing about computer repairs or computers in general, the first thing he should do is seek the assistance of a professional who is highly experienced, trained and knowledgeable in the field. Many companies offer computer repairs in Melbourne. When a Melbourne resident comes across a problem with his computer he simply doesn’t know how to handle, there are always many reputable choices available to him. People who need to find computer repairs Melbourne at http://www.1300fixnow.com.au individuals and businesses can depend on should look for options on the internet.

When people need computer repairs in Melbourne, they can also ask people in their lives. Chances are these people have some background in finding computer repairs in Melbourne. Countless people in the Victoria capital own computers and the vast majority of them aren’t computer experts who can take care of all computer-related problems on their own without any outside assistance, after all.

If a person is searching for computer repairs in Melbourne, he should visit the websites for businesses that offer his necessary services. If he finds the phone number of a local business that seems promising to him, he should read online reviews to make sure the company has a good reputation. He should then promptly call the business to make sure that they can help him with his specific problem. If he’s frustrated with the fact that his laptop computer simply won’t turn on, for example, it’s his responsibility to tell the business representatives what he wants them to do for him. This can potentially save a lot of time and frustration. When people need computer work in Melbourne, quality assistance is never far away.

How Great Web Design in Melbourne Can Help Your Business

How Great Web Design in Melbourne Can Help Your Business

Just like experts will advice, image is everything when it comes to running an online based business. You need a website that will convince visitors they are dealing with the right people. Hiring web design Melbourne experts is among the first steps to having a well created site that will help you to achieve your investment goals. Due to high competition, one needs to maintain uniqueness and authority to command a fair share of the market. 

Having great services for web design in Melbourne at GMG web allows you to enhance the appearance of your business. The first impression counts and this is what will guide a buyer to decide during the first visit on your website. All graphic images should be optimized with the right resolution and quality. A reliable web design Melbourne professional will also offer advice regarding theme and customization to ensure there is harmony of colors and design. 

Assuring customers their information is secure is not enough to earn their trust. You need to have a good system installed to ensure all information stored in the database is secure from access by unauthorized individuals. This way, you will be protecting customers as well as your business from malicious attacks that may lead to losses. Most web design Melbourne companies offer packages that allow you to secure your database for a better experience. 

In the wake of integration of mobile devices in search engines, most websites that are not compatible with mobile browsing have been locked out and perform poorly compared to ones that are optimized for mobile access. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a team of professionals in web design in Melbourne to ensure your website is designed with all features included. Having an easy to navigate website encourages customers to return for more purchases in future and can lead to referrals.