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Raceparts Australia is the Number 1 Ford Racing Performance Parts distributor in the Southern Hemisphere!*

*As named by Ford Racing in the USA December 2005

Based in South East Queensland, our extensive product range and expert knowledge make Raceparts Australia your:

One Stop Race Shop

And…we will ship worldwide!

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Welcome to a great New Year. Raceparts were closed over the Christmas break but we’re back now fresh and ready to provide you with the great parts and professional service that you’ve been waiting for. Call us on 07-3807 6870 for any sales and information you’re looking for from our extensive range of products.

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How to Find an RCG Course Sydney

How to Find an RCG Course Sydney

A law that was passed recently has an impact on many Sydney area residents, and it may have an impact on you. This is a law that requires those who work in a place of business where gambling or gaming takes place to get a certification related to responsible gambling. In order to obtain this certification, individuals who are impacted by this new law are required to take an RCG course Sydney to obtain the certification. You may be curious how you can find this type of course in a location close to where you live or work. 

When you search for an RCG course Sydney visit here, you will find that there are two courses available for people to take. These courses are suitable for those who work in restaurants, hotels, bars and other establishments where any type of gaming activity takes place. One course is a temporary course that enables you to earn a 90-day certificate. This can be viewed as an interim certificate so that you can continue to work in your field while you obtain the longer certificate. When you pass the full RCG course Sydney, you will earn a five-year certificate. This certificate enables you to legally continue to work in your position or in another related position for up to five years, but it will need to be renewed at the end of the period. 

If you are looking for an RCG course Sydney to take, rest assured that there are several options available for you to consider. These courses are typically held over one or two days, and there are several venues that offer them. The easiest way to locate a course that is best suited for your specific needs and in a desirable location is through the Internet. The courses are in high demand. Therefore, if you plan to take an RCG course Sydney for employment purposes, it is wise to sign up for a course as soon as possible. 

Many people are now required to take an RCG course Sydney in order to legally work in their field or position. If you also have this requirement imposed on you through the legislative changes, you can begin searching for a course that works well with your schedule today.